Part Time MBA

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Many students pursuing graduate degrees are looking for part-time MBA programs. Graduate-level education is expensive and the work can be taxing, so it's not surprising that the success level of part-time students is greater than that of full-time students. Going for your MBA part time doesn't have to get in the way of full-time work, and it can help you avoid the burnout of full-time studies.

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Your part-time MBA experience will be more flexible than that of traditional students, offering you the chance to take upward of five years to work through the courses that full-time students push through usually in under two years.

Part-Time MBA Rankings

Part-time MBA rankings clearly show how closely linked part-time programs are to full-time programs. The coursework, the faculty and the expectations for students are exactly the same, only the part-time program allows you to take as little as one course per semester, whereas full-time students take anywhere from four to seven.

However, there are some differences in who takes the top spots, simply because some schools invest more into their part-time programs. This means that while some schools are considered tops for MBA programs, they may not have the facilities or the assistance programs that are most needed by part-time students. Placing consistently high in part-time MBA rankings are UCLA, Northwestern, USC and LeHigh.

Best Part-Time MBA Program

Just like a full-time student, part-time students have a lot of options they need to consider before they decide which school has the best part-time MBA program for them. Along with the typical concerns, such as tuition cost, location and faculty, part-time students also need to look into what types of student services a school offers for non-full-time students.

Part-time MBA students may find some schools limit their access to student services such as parking, computer labs, library services or funding. You may also want to look into the school's online MBA opportunities, which is a convenient way to get the same education as a full-time student, without worrying about limitations in traditional student services. In order to find the best part-time MBA program, you need to make sure that the school recognizes your needs and doesn't limit your options just because you're paying part-time tuition rates.