Marketing MBA

Earn an MBA in marketing

Marketing is a popular specialization for students pursuing an MBA. An MBA in marketing can lead students in a number of different directions. A graduate from a marketing MBA program may end up working as a marketing, brand or product manager, a sales, public relations or communications manager, or as a market or consumer developer.

A marketing MBA is required for most management positions in the industry, and successful experience in sales or consumer relations will help boost your resume.

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The exciting thing about marketing is that it's a skill that is needed in almost all types of companies and organizations. As a marketing MBA grad, you can apply your skills and knowledge to positions in the corporate, finance, government, health and non-profit sectors.

Marketing MBA Programs

The best marketing MBA programs are ever-evolving and are able to keep up with a constantly changing business world. People involved in the marketing world are at the front lines of any company's public image and are heavily relied upon for the continued profitability of an organization. This means that the schools that produce the top marketing MBA grads are always looking for ways to adapt and improve.

When you're looking for the right school, make sure to look for things such as new course offerings, recent faculty hires, and a broad range of elective courses to supplement your core education.

In recent surveys, Wharton at Penn State and Harvard are consistently listed as the top schools for a marketing MBA. Other schools you may want to look into include Northwestern, Dartmouth and Michigan.

Online Marketing MBA

An online marketing MBA is the perfect solution for students who are already employed and looking to increase their skills (and their pay!). Pursuing your marketing MBA online allows you to fulfill all the requirements of a business masters degree on your own schedule. While it takes perseverance and dedication to keep yourself on track while completing your graduate studies, the advantages are numerous. You can work your courses around your own requirements, whether that's a full-time work schedule or family commitments. Even more, you can work as independently as you want, requesting more assistance from your instructor when it's necessary.