Management MBA

Earn an MBA in management

There are several different types of management MBA programs, including a general management MBA, MBA in project management and MBA in supply chain management. A management MBA is virtually a requirement for the top positions in any company or organization, whether it's corporate, government or non-profit. If you're looking to enter into a career in senior management or a directorial position, you need to invest in the education first.

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MBA in Project Management

An MBA in project management focuses on teaching students the skills required to organize a project and direct a team. You will have to complete the core courses required of any general Master of Business Administration, as well as specialized courses in communication, organization, finance and project development.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

Top positions in logistics or distribution departments typically require the skills and knowledge gained through graduate studies in supply chain management. With this type of degree, students are prepared to develop and sustain supply chain relationships from suppliers to consumers. Your focus is on the management and operation of materials, transportation and operating costs.

Online Management MBA

An online management MBA program is a great way for someone who has already completed a business bachelors degree and works full time to increase their education and skill level. However, just like a traditional student, you need to choose carefully when it comes time to select your online school.

Accreditation is the first consideration: do not pay money to a school that isn't accredited, or you may find yourself with a degree that doesn't meet industry standards.

Two of the most well-reputed online business schools are Walden and the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry. Both of these schools have been in business for several decades, and their graduates have proven successful in the business world. DeVry University is one of the first names of online learning, and they are well known for having business industry leaders among their faculty.

While there isn't as much choice involved with online learning as with traditional schools, you still want to carefully consider things such as faculty, course selection and tuition before you choose a school.