Finance MBA

Earn an MBA in finance

Many students assume an MBA in finance is only useful to the suits on Wall Street. As a matter of fact, a finance MBA can open doors for you in a variety of roles in companies around the world.

As a graduate of a finance MBA program, you may find yourself working as a portfolio manager, a research analyst, a securities or investment analyst, a personal adviser, or a credit risk management analyst, among many other jobs. Basically, with a finance MBA you will be prepared to perform at the managerial level, maintaining, organizing and overseeing the financial outlook of an organization. Your job is to maximize the potential of your company, keeping an eye on internal, local and international trends.

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Best Finance MBA Schools

The best finance MBA schools can be found throughout the country, and are all supported by strong business departments staffing industry leaders and the top academic finance analysts. Schools with the best reputations include the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and Yale School of Management; however, these top schools also come with a top price tag.

While it's important to look for a school with a top-notch faculty (pay attention to things such as where professors were educated, what type of real-life experience they have, and how often they are cited in the industry), you also want to find the school that suits you best. You may want to consider class size, where smaller classes mean more individual attention; scholarships, which can help finance your MBA; location, which can determine which business industries you're in contact with; and even student services, which can make your time at school easier and more enjoyable.

Online Finance MBA

There are many schools that combine on-campus and finance MBA online programs. These schools allow students to complete some of their course work at their own pace, which allows them to continue working full-time while pursuing a higher degree.

Online finance MBA programs are great, but make sure that you're choosing an accredited school with reputable faculty and recognized degrees. Also consider your own learning style before committing to an online MBA program, because to be successful as an online student you need to have the self-discipline and organizational skills required to direct your own studies.