Executive MBA

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An executive MBA program is a specially designed graduate program for students who are already experienced professionals with limited time available to them for studies. An executive MBA (sometimes referred to as EMBA or accelerated MBA) student has to complete the degree within two years, and the program combines traditional learning with real-life experience.

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Many students pursuing an executive MBA degree will be older and much more experienced than your traditional graduate student. Many times, these students are sponsored by their employers, and as such, don't have to worry as much about things such as tuition or other academic expenses. What the executive MBA student is worried about is time. Many of these students already hold prominent positions with their company, and have a lot of additional responsibility on top of their studies.

The courses required for the degree are similar in content to a traditional Master of Business Administration program, but the class work is delivered differently due to what are typically smaller class sizes and a more experienced student body.

Executive MBA Rankings

Executive MBA rankings and a school's reputation are vital considerations when choosing an institution. However, executive MBA students also have to take into consideration the location and the time commitment required, because they will most likely be expected to continue performing in their established role at work while studying. This means that students will have limited opportunity to travel or commit large amounts of time to in-class attendance.

Many of today's top EMBA programs are international and may be located in China or the U.K. However, American schools consistently come out on top of international rankings, so a student at New York University, Columbia or the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania can be assured that he or she is getting a world-class education.

Online Executive MBA

An online executive MBA makes an already convenient program even more accessible to students who have full-time work and family commitments. Even better, pursuing an online MBA removes any concern a student may have over the location of a school. Whether you're walking on Wall Street or overlooking a California sunset from your office window, you can easily join a program in a school located anywhere in the world.