Master of Business Administration

All about MBA programs

In today's graduate schools, the MBA, or the Master of Business Administration, is the most popular program for students. With hundreds of thousands of students completing what is usually a two-year program, an MBA degree is not only necessary for the skills you learn but for the contacts you will make along the way. From your classmates and professors to your co-op employer and students you meet from other schools, the people you encounter during your studies may well be some of the most important people in the business world!

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Business Masters Degree

The great thing about a business masters degree is its flexibility, and the variety offered by the different business programs. You can enter into an MBA program from a number of different disciplines, including English, Sociology, Business or even a language program. You can also specialize the graduate program to your needs, focusing on a particular area of business and subsequently earning, for example, a management MBA, a human resources MBA or a finance MBA.

It's also possible to combine your MBA studies with another joint program, such as a Master of Science or a language program. This allows students to expand their specialization into two or more areas, usually without committing any more time to their program. Another popular joint program is the concurrent business bachelor's degree that allows students to complete an honors Business degree and move seamlessly into the graduate program, completing both in usually five years.

Best MBA

Many of the best MBA programs in the world are in the United States. Harvard consistently tops the ranks in almost any survey of business graduate schools, and MIT, Stanford, the University of Chicago and Penn's Wharton Business School are never far behind. However, if you're interested in international business studies, opportunities abound. Schools such as INSEAD in France and IMD in Switzerland also tend to fare well in business school surveys, and may offer the American student a unique study experience.

It's hard to say which school offers the best MBA program because that may mean different things to different students. You need to take into consideration things such as location, tuition and student services when you're selecting a school. You may also want to look into the school's faculty. A great masters program is based on who teaches its core courses, so make sure that the professors are well recognized in the field and that their qualifications are kept up to date with continuing and current education and participation in both the academic and business worlds.