Business Masters Degree

Earn a masters degree in business

A master's degree in business is a first-class ticket to the top positions in business in today's competitive work world. Earning a business master's degree is important because it shows employers that you have the drive and initiative to keep up to date with current education and that you're serious about perfecting your skills in the business arena.

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A master's degree in business is also a great resource for entrepreneurs. A business start up can be daunting, and the management, organization and budgeting skills that are the basics of a business graduate education are vital to your success.

When you attend business graduate school, you will expand on the skills and knowledge that you were introduced to in your business bachelor's degree and further your specialization. Some of the more popular areas of study include finance and accounting, marketing and sales, and management.

Business Grad Schools

There are literally hundreds of different business grad schools, so it's important to do your research to find the school that best suits your needs and that grants a degree that is well respected in your field. Things to consider before you pick a school include tuition, enrollment and reputation.

When it comes to reputation, the top business grad schools in the country include Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern and University of Pennsylvania; however, these schools are also looking for anywhere from $45,000 to $50,000 in tuition per year, so they may not be the most reasonable choices for all students. Other schools that are well known and respected, but may cost a little less depending on which state you live in, include Berkeley, UCLA, Ann Arbor, University of Texas at Austin, and Georgetown.

Online Master of Business Degree

Online master of business degree programs are available at almost all the top business schools in the country. You can also take advantage of online-only schools that specialize in business studies, such as Walden or Everest, or international online programs such as the one from Athabasca University run out of Alberta, Canada.

When looking for an online business degree program, make sure that the schools you're considering are all accredited and that the degree you will be granted is recognized by the leaders in your industry. Keep in mind that some business graduate programs require a co-op element to their degree and that you may need to put in some in-person hours to graduate.