Business Diploma

Enroll in a business diploma course

A business diploma program will allow students to take a variety of paths, from pursuing promotions, opening your own business, or continuing with your business education. When you choose to pursue a diploma of business, you can direct your studies in a number of different ways. You may choose to specialize your education by enrolling in program that focuses on finance or marketing, or you may opt for a more general program that will grant you a diploma in business studies.

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A business diploma course may also be combined with other certificate and diploma programs, including management, human resources, accounting or administration.

Business Administration Diploma

A business administration diploma can serve as the starting point for a variety of careers. A student who successfully completes this type of program may find him or herself working as an executive assistant, an administrative officer, a services coordinator or a marketing specialist, among many other job opportunities.

Most business administration diploma programs require students to have, as a minimum, a high-school education. Depending on how specialized the course, schools may also require previous work experience. This requirement may be filled, however, with volunteer or co-op experience.

Depending on the approach you take to your studies, you can complete this type of program in anywhere from eight months to two years. The length of time required for completion will depend on which school you attend, whether you're a full-time or part-time student, whether you pursue an online business degree or attend in person, and whether you work on your schooling throughout the entire year.

Business Management Diploma

A business management diploma program is similar in structure to the business administration diploma. The programs are comparable when it comes to pre-requisites for enrolment, the number of courses you need to take and the amount of time that is required.

The difference between a business administration diploma and a business management diploma is in the focus of the course content. A business management diploma focuses more heavily on the management of people and the organization, time management and labor delegation skills required to direct a group of people, whereas a business administration diploma prepares students to actually complete the tasks that are needed for daily operation of a business.