Marketing Degree

Earn a degree in marketing

Marketing programs are the latest trend in business schools: a marketing degree can be applied to so many different jobs and industries that it has almost become a standard requirement for the business major who wants to keep their options open. Whether majoring in marketing or simply picking up a couple of marketing courses, students who seek out an education in this field are some of the most diverse to be found on college campuses.

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A degree in marketing pushes students to look at business from the outside in, focusing on the needs, wants and behaviors of the consumer rather than the producer. While advertising has been around as long as there has been competition for business, the art of marketing has come under analysis in the past few decades as professionals have come to realize how heavily media can influence purchasing decisions and the ways in which overexposure to that same media has jaded consumers.

Job Prospects for Marketing Majors

Today's marketing majors are at the forefront of technological innovation, and marketing courses no longer focus on simply making a sale, but instead teach students how to get into the customer's frame of mind.

While the term marketing encompasses a number of different fields, students graduating with a marketing degree have honed their skills in research, communication, planning and forecasting. These skills can lead to a number of different job positions, including advertising, public relations, marketing, brand management, market research, retailing and customer service.

The type of job you can expect to get, and the pay rate you can demand, depends on the level of education you have achieved (marketing degrees range from a business certificate to a marketing MBA), as well as the professional experience you have in the field.

Online Marketing Degree

Completing your marketing degree online is a great option for those who have been out of school for a while and are hesitant to return to a traditional campus learning environment, or for those who don't have the time available during the day to attend classes. As more schools invest in distance learning programs, an online marketing degree has become increasingly recognized as equivalent to traditional degrees.