Human Resources Degree

Earn a degree in human resources

The human resources department is the heart of any organization. From payroll to employee relations, the nitty-gritty of everyday operation is based in this department. Once considered as simply the path to a clerical position, human resources programs (or HR programs) have evolved to become the human side of any school's business department.

Some jobs within the human resources department, such as payroll, may require an accounting degree rather than a human resources degree, but this isn't the norm in the HR department. Most positions require, at a minimum, a business bachelors degree, and the best-paying and most challenging positions are generally reserved for graduates with a master's degree in human resources.

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Human Resources Courses

Individually, human resources courses are helpful to anyone who has to deal with the public or with a group of employees on a regular basis. The courses contained in a typical HR degree program include management, employment law, human rights law, training, workplace health and safety, and labor relations. The skills gained through these courses will help anyone whose position requires them to manage employees, customer relations or supplier contacts.

Further human resources courses may include a focus on communications, organization or technology. These courses are intended to increase an employee's knowledge of the inner workings of an organization by teaching how to manage conflicts, disseminate information and organize teams.

Your HR Degree

A human resources program is incredibly flexible to the different needs of its students. As human resources is one of the most varied and in-demand career paths available, training for the industry has to adapt quickly to changes in laws and regulations, and in student expectations. There are also increased demands from employers who rely on their HR professionals to keep employees happy and organizations running smoothly.

Human resources degrees can be obtained as a traditional campus student, or online through distance learning programs. There are a number of different types of HR degrees, from certificates to master's degrees, and each requires its own different level of time commitment. You can even work toward a PhD in human resources if you're interested in pursuing a career in research or academics.