Finance Degree

Earn a degree in finance

People often equate accounting degrees with a degree in finance, but the truth is, a finance degree is a much more specific area of study. Finance programs offer the same type of education as accounting programs, with a focus in the financial matters of an organization, but they offer additional training as to how to deal with outside financial functions such as banks and stakeholders. Therefore, finance courses, while based on mathematical skills, also provide an education in soft skills such as communication and public relations.

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The student who majors in finance is not only perfecting their accounting skills, but also their forecasting and trending skills, as it is their responsibility to focus on an organization's financial growth, rather than the present state.

Job Prospects for Finance Majors

A college major in finance can lead a student into a number of different professional areas. A finance graduate may be involved in corporate financial management, personal financial services, or investment.

Your job function and your pay scale as a finance major is dependent on the type of degree you achieve. A general business degree with a focus in finance will open many entry-level doors, but the top positions are typically filled with people who possess a finance MBA.

Financial analysts are in high demand in today's economy. Analysts research and evaluate financial data to provide investment advice to either corporations or individuals. A four-year degree is required to act as a financial analyst, and the highest-paying jobs also look for a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, which can be achieved with a combination of education, experience and the successful completion of three separate exams.

Online Degree in Finance

Getting an online degree in finance is a popular option for today's students. You can typically pursue a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in finance online, but even more popular are individual online finance courses. An online finance degree can help you professionally in seeking out employment, and it can help you personally when considering your own investment choices; this may explain the popularity of many online finance courses.

Regardless of your reasons for taking online finance courses, before you sign up, make sure that the school you're dealing with is accredited and that their courses meet industry and government standards.