Business Administration Degree

Choosing a Business Administration program

A business administration degree is a vital tool in finding the best jobs for the best pay. In today's economy, organizations in almost every industry expect their employees to come to work armed with the latest education and knowledge in the field. A business administration program is broad–based, and focuses on a variety of useful business skills, which makes it a flexible degree that can be applied to a number of different jobs.

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There are a number of different schools that offer a business admin degree, but depending on the field you want to enter, you may want to consider a business administration college, such as the College of Business Administration, that focuses entirely on the business field. However, Berkeley, UCLA and the University of Chicago are all well known for their proficient business administration programs.

Business Administration Class

A business administration class can be taken independently of a degree program and may be helpful in a number of different positions. For example, the Small Business Training Administration Network offers short online courses in finance, accounting, government contracting and business planning, which can be helpful to entrepreneurs and corporate executives alike. This type of training, although not geared towards graduating from a degree program, can help employees and managers increase their skills and improve their job performance.

Some employers will also support their employees in pursuit of higher business administration degrees such as bachelor's and master's degrees. Approach your human resources department to find out the options available to you. With the increased availability of online programs, which tend to be less expensive and less demanding of daytime hours, most employers are willing to offer financial incentive to employees interested in increasing their skill sets.

Online Business Administration Degree

Online studies are perfect for students who are already in the workforce and are looking to hone their skills and increase their paycheck. You can easily find online business administration courses that offer skills training in sales, marketing, logistics and management as well as accounting degrees and human resources degrees.

The University of Phoenix, Kaplan University and DeVry University are all well known and reputable online schools that offer business administration programs and courses.