Accounting Degree

Earn a degree in accounting

Are you a whiz with numbers? Is your calculator more complicated than your computer? Do you find your general business studies unchallenging? If so, you may want to consider pursuing an accounting degree. A degree in accounting will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in a number of financial fields and positions, including investments, consulting, payroll, shipping and receiving.

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Graduates of accounting programs may find themselves managing the bank accounts of some of the world's biggest corporations, or may venture out on their own to open an independent accounting firm. While accounting courses are vital to any business degree, specializing with an accounting degree or attending an accounting school can help graduates find more challenging and higher-paying jobs that cater to their love of numbers.

Accounting Programs

Accounting programs vary depending on the level of education and specialization you're looking for. You can easily enroll in a two-year business associates degree and find work as an accounting clerk or bookkeeper. If you're looking to become a certified accountant, though, you need to graduate from a four-year bachelor's degree, as well as pass the CPA exam administered by your state.

The best way to choose an accounting program is to look at its faculty and at its graduate employment rate. A good school will attract the best in the business, whether as teachers or as recruiters.

Online Accounting Degree

Almost all accounting courses can be found online, and it's possible to complete an online accounting degree without ever setting foot inside a classroom. However, many of the top business schools offer accounting programs that combine online with on-campus learning. This combination ensures that students get the best of both worlds, being able to complete some courses online as it suits their schedule, while at the same time getting hands-on instruction from industry leaders during in-class instruction.

Whether you're going to pursue your degree completely online, or in a combination of online and on-campus learning, you should pay attention to things such as accreditation, faculty and graduate employment levels. These indicators provide students with the assurance that they are spending their time and money on a worthwhile degree.

Some of the most well-known and highly accredited online schools with reputable accounting programs include Strayer University, DeVry University and Everest College. These schools demonstrate their quality with high graduate success rates.