Business Degree Programs

Major in business

Business degree programs are quickly becoming the most popular option for post-secondary students. A degree in business is a flexible qualification that can get you into almost any industry. A business major can easily tailor their own course of study to a number of different levels of qualification and specialization.

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Your business program can provide you with a general degree or a specialization with an accounting degree, finance degree, human resources degree or business management degree.

Business Degrees

Business degrees come in all kinds of shapes, from business certificates to a PhD in business management. The type of degree you choose to pursue will depend on your goal and the requirements of the job you eventually want to have.

While most business degrees offer the same types of core courses, such as communications, ethics, leadership and finance, there are many differences among them. Depending on the type of degree you choose and any specializations you select, you can expect to spend anywhere from six months to five years to complete your schooling. If you're going to work on your degree part time, you may expect to spend even longer completing the required courses.

Job Prospects for Business Graduates

Job prospects for business graduates are consistently positive, even when the economy is slow. That's because a business degree is one of the most flexible degrees you can attain. While general business certificates and diplomas may first lead you into entry-level clerical jobs, as you continue through your education you will find your business degree providing you an open door to higher salaries and more challenging positions.

You can find graduates from business programs in almost any industry, including retail, corporate, government and non-profit. The types of jobs filled by business graduates are vital to the operation and success of any organization.

Depending on the level of your degree and the specialization you pursue, you may be qualified for entry level, management or directorial positions in finance, logistics, human resources and public relations. A general business degree is a great resource to help you get a higher salary rate in almost any position, and continued studies in business are commonly encouraged by employers.