Business Bachelors Degree

The benefits of earning a Bachelor of Business degree

One of the most popular post-secondary programs of the past 10 years is the business bachelor's degree, also known as a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). A flexible degree that can lead you into almost any area of business, Bachelor of Business programs can be found at hundreds of schools across the country and has virtually become a requirement in the business world. Some programs may also be referred to as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a Bachelor in Management Studies.

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A typical business administration bachelor's degree takes four years to complete and is divided into two parts: your first two years will focus on general business education, including communications, organization, business law, ethics and finance; your last two years will concentrate on the area you choose to specialize in, such as accounting, commerce, management, information technology or marketing.

International Business Bachelor's Degree

An international business bachelor's degree takes the skills and concepts that are the basis of a traditional business bachelor's degree and applies them to a globalized context. The focus of this type of program is on working on an international level, whether that means representing a local organization in international dealings or traveling around the world to work for foreign corporations.

The international business degree program will prove to be a little more challenging than the traditional business program simply because there are additional requirements, such as learning a second (or sometimes third!) language and completing courses that focus on working with diversity and working in a different culture.

Online Business Bachelor's Degree

Completing your business bachelor's degree online is a great way for people already involved in the workforce to advance their education and earn more money. Online studies may also be a good option for students who have already completed a business associate's degree or a business diploma and are looking to expand on previous knowledge. Many management positions require a bachelor's degree, but it can be hard to commit the time, energy and money required to complete the program full time. Working online usually means that you will be pursuing your education part time, so that you're still able to work full time and keep up with your family while you're studying.