Business Associates Degree

Earn an associates degree in business

Pursuing an associate's degree in business is a great way to increase your employability. Most colleges offering business associate's degrees also offer the opportunity to continue your education at a higher level with a bachelor's degree or even an MBA. In fact, the courses you take in a typical two-year business associate's degree will often be the same courses you have to take in the first couple of years of a Bachelor of Business. Many people enter the associate's degree program because they're not sure if the bachelor degree program is right for them, or if they have the time required to commit to a bachelor's degree.

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Students working on an associate's degree will have a lot of opportunities open to them. Many employers consider getting a business associate's degree an important experience for their employees. Furthermore, many schools will allow a student with an associate's degree to apply those completed toward a bachelor's degree, which means that obtaining higher levels of education will require less time and money.

Associate's Degree in Business Administration

An associate's degree in business administration prepares students to enter the workforce, often in a management position. The skills taught in the program focus on organization, communication and technology, and the knowledge required to successfully guide a team. The associate's degree in business administration may also offer students the chance to specialize their education, focusing on areas such as human resources, health care or technology.

This type of program prepares students for a number of different jobs, from office or sales manager to professional trainer or support specialist. Generally, an associate's degree will open doors to better-paying positions that offer more responsibility and provide you with daily challenges that will keep you constantly thinking and innovating.

Business Associates Degree Online

Completing a business associate's degree online is an easy and convenient way to advance your education or get a head start on the requirements for a business bachelors degree without interrupting your daily life. As an online student, you'll be able to complete your schooling when and where it's convenient for you – whether that means typing away on your laptop while the baby takes a nap or completing course readings while taking the train home from work.

Your course work may take longer than that of a traditional student, simply because most online students don't work on their schooling full time. However, full-time studies online are an option at many schools, so you don't necessarily have to stretch out your program beyond the typical two years.